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Integrating An Indigenous Perspective on Addiction

Dr. Eduardo Duran is a psychologist, a veteran and an Indigenous American who presents a unique and important perspective on addictions. (The Spirit of Alcohol and Addictions ). Duran talks about the fact that from an indigenous perspective, the plants from which potentially addictive substances ... Read More »

What’s wrong with conventional addiction treatment?

While some conventional addiction treatment is quite good and there is no question that lives are saved through these interventions, most contemporary treatment programs are deficient in several very significant respects. The first of these is that many programs focus almost exclusively on a single ... Read More »

Are Addictions Diseases Like Diabetes?

In recent years there has been an effort to label addictions as medical “diseases”. Acknowledging that is essential to the process of de-stigmatizing these conditions. Addictions are a disease that results in measurable neuro-biological changes. Active addictions cause changes in our brains, which in turn ... Read More »